1991-1998 (Year)

Smoking Popes


Double Zero Records

This album was put out after the break up of the Smoking Popes. The album featured the entire album Get Fired as well as many selections from their early vinyl releases.


1 Brand New Hairstyle
2 Sandra
3 Wanted Love
4 Waitin' Around
5 Down The Street
6 Never Coming Back
7 Breaking
8 Run Away
9 Writing A Letter
10 Stars
11 Under The Blanket
12 First Time
13 Let's Hear It For Love
14 That's Where I Come In
15 Let Them Die
16 Double Fisted Love
17 Don't Be Afraid
18 Can't Find It
19 Off My Mind
20 Not That Kind Of Girlfriend
21 Days Just Wave Goodbye
22 Do Something
23 Pasted

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