At Metro (2006)

Smoking Popes


Victory Records

Smoking Popes at Metro captures the band's November 11, 2005 performance at Chicago's Metro, the first time the Popes took the stage since their 1998 breakup. The career-spanning collection is actually the band's second live album, following the 2000 greatest-hits comp Live.


1.Ramblin Rose (Intro)
2. Off My Mind
3. No More Smiles
4. Gotta Know Right Now
5. Midnight Moon
6. Paul
7. Rubella
8. Don't Be Afraid
9. Mrs. You & Me
10. Writing a Letter
11. Megan
12. Surf
13. Before I'm Gone
14. Just Broke Up
15. Stars
16. You Spoke to Me
17. On the Shoulder
18. Need You Around
19. Pretty Pathetic
20. Ramblin' Rose (Outro)
21. Pure Imagination
22. I Know You Love Me
23. Brand New Hairstyle

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