Carroll Cockrell



Harvey, Illinois


Years active



Solo Work

Former Bands

The Back Door Men
The Visitors

Carroll started playing guitar in 1963, playing bass guitar for local bands, The Back Door Men from Harvey, IL and The Visitors from Thornton, IL. He put aside his love for music in 1969 for the more important things like getting married and raising my family. Now, with the support from his wife, Flo, his goal is to return to my music on a limited basis for now and let the outcome dictate the future.

Now working with bassist Duane Ford his current project is to record a CD. with Duane and guitarist John Nordsell. The profits from this CD will be donated to charity.

Also on the drawing table are plans to record a DVD with his friends. The song will be San Francisco Bay Blues which will be on his myspace. Carroll has some sample tracks on his Myspace Music Page


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