Destination Failure (1997)

Smoking Popes


Capitol Records

Destination Failure was the third album by pop rock group the Smoking Popes, released on August 26, 1997.

Track listingEdit

  1. Star Struck One – 1:58
  2. No More Smiles – 2:31 (Caterer, Ken Knowka)
  3. I Know You Love Me – 3:16
  4. You Spoke to Me – 3:18
  5. Paul – 3:22
  6. Can't Find It – 3:05
  7. Capital Cristine – 2:04
  8. Before I'm Gone – 3:38
  9. Megan – 3:10
  10. Let's Hear It for Love – 3:55
  11. Pure Imagination – 2:42 (Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newly)
  12. I Was Right – 3:27
  13. They Lied – :54
  14. End of Your Time – 2:34
  15. Pretty Pathetic – 4:08
  16. Follow the Sound – 4:22


  • "Can't Find It" and "Let's Hear It For Love" both appeared on the group's first full-length album Get Fired. The Destination Failure version of "Just Can't Find It" is a much slower tempo than the original, while "Let's Hear It For Love" remains very similar to the original version.
  • "I Know You Love Me" was written after the album was completed and submitted to Capitol Records. The band was told that there wasn't anything on the album commercial enough to be released as a single. Josh Caterer then wrote the song based on his new found Christianity. Caterer has said many times that it's his favorite Smoking Popes song. When it is performed at shows, he usually encourages the audience to sing along with him during an extended ending of the song, which can last for several minutes.
  • "Pure Imagination" originally appeared in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  • Punk band Bayside covered "Megan" on their Bayside Acoustic album. Josh Caterer is featured on the song, singing the second verse.

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