Lincoln Hall


2424 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, Illinois 60614

About the Venue Edit

Located in Chicago, Lincoln Hall has been the home to many different establishments. Originally opened in 1912 as the Fullerton Theatre, the building has also been a garage and machine stop, the Crest Theatre, and the 3 Penny Cinema. Mike and Chris Schuba, the owners of Schubas Tavern, decided to open Lincoln Hall in a building that had a great amount of history. The two were looking for a building that would allow the audience to have an intimate experience. Lincoln Hall was the perfect venue for this.

More InfoEdit

Lincoln Hall was first opened in 2009. The venue is split between two floors, the balcony and the main floor. Lincoln Hall holds 507 people. The capacity of the venue is much larger than that of their other venue, Schubas. With that being said, the venue is still able to set up an intimate atmosphere for fans to experience just by the layout. Not only does the venue provide a great atmosphere for shows, but it also has a bar and restaurant.