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Algonquin, Illinois


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Eli Caterer
Rob Kellenberger
Matt Felumlee

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The Turn
Smoking Popes
Alkaline Trio
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Mike Felumlee is best known as the former drummer for Smoking Popes. Mike started Double Zero Records, which puts out all the new Smoking Popes material, as well as some new local acts. He has joined the Alkaline Trio, after a stint with Eli in the Tom Daily band. He began playing with them in December of 1999. Mike Felumlee has been kicked out of the Alkaline Trio due to "trouble with Matt Skiba while on tour". Mike was a founding member of Josh Caterer's current band, Duvall. He had his first solo release "64 Hours" with his own Double Zero Records in late October 2001 and a follow up split EP with friend Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio) in the summer of 2002. Mike Felumlee has also proven himself as a guitariest and singer/songwriter since the 1998 breakup of the Smoking Popes. He has played with the likes of the Alkaline Trio, Squirtgun, Duvall, and This is Me Smiling. Most recently Mike has been posting brand new demos with collaborator Elizabeth Stedman on his Myspace Music page.


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1.The Night I Slept In My Car
3.Feats Of Casualty
5.When You're Driving
1.Crawl - Alkaline Trio
16.Bloodied Up - Alkaline Trio
2. World of Yawns
3. Reese Witherspoon
8. Allison, It's true
10.Dead end Road - Alkaline Trio
4. Do Something - Duvall
12. Don't Be Afraid - Mike Felumlee

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